Our Story

We saw a need and we wanted to help.

We care, a lot.

Once upon a time, a few creatives who worked in different parts of e-commerce had a conversation about how great photography that effectively sells should be available to everyone. At the time, they were all working together on just one large brand’s online portfolio of images and were seeing the sales numbers change when the images improved. It became clear that great photography was the key to more revenue.

Fast forward a few (or maybe more than a few) years. A company was created that specialized in online images. In one place a someone could find an expert e-commerce analysis with the team to produce state of the art images and results that testified to success. It was clear, Product Photo Lab was more than just taking an image on a white background for a one size fits all solution. It became a consulting agency that offered photography, retouching, and state of the art solutions to stay on top of the online market.

Fast forward to today.

We look for clients who want to partner up with who are interested in working together to get the perfect images for their companies and clients. The Product Photo Lab approach is collaborative, so we ask a lot of questions in order to make sure we deliver what is needed. All of our shooting is customized to fit each customers needs and recorded to maintain perfect consistency shipment after shipment. Once we get rolling, we take the workload and minimize what the client needs to do so they can sit back and collect sales. We love our clients and the partnerships created. Seeing them successful is why we do this!

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